Alfred Angelo Wedding Dresses

Not all designers for bridal wedding dresses that cost an arm and a leg design. Alfred Angelo Bridal is truly an international supplier and distributor of wedding dresses at affordable prices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Although the company is well known for the Alfred Angelo wedding dresses, they still bridesmaid dresses, patterns for dresses, flower girl, mother of the bride / groom, along with other accessories that are designed to marriage. Prom dress style will be characterized in a number of lines of the brand.


In the mid-1930s, Alfred Angelo and his wife, Edythe Piccione opened their first store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They started great Alfred Angelo wedding dresses and try to cheap wedding dresses that can provide every purchase. Edythe began designing the wedding dress by Alfred Angelo in 1935 due to the quality of the clothes, they could sell them sometimes fall. They chose high-quality materials and designed by themselves. The happy couple was in white robes and ivory base to 1960 took her children, Vincent and Michele Piccione, clothe over the design. At the end of the decade, they have actually begun execution of business processes. The company employs Michael Shettel as vice president of design in the 1990s, adding more complex designs and different colors. After switching to a contractor in the U.S., the company began to market worldwide in countries such as Australia, Britain, New Zealand and Canada.

Today the company is owned by the family Piccione. Alfred Angelo wedding dresses are on the company's own retail outlets, as a "signature shops" in America, and announced a large number of partner stores worldwide.

Michael Shettel - Designer Style Wedding

At the moment Michael Shettel manages the design group. Shettel studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. He was a chief designer for Alfred Angelo since 1999. Select Shettel and design group manually materials designed for these wholesale wedding dresses in the 0-30, but also in the regular length, short and long lengths.

Notable inclusions in the Alfred Angelo line of fashion, under the direction Shettel are drawings in the dream can choose from the collection of colors that brides 50-5 various colors to enhance the train a plate, a trim at the neckline, or maybe a belt. Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dresses will also be a key for the fashion line in Shettel.

Signature Shops

Alfred Angelo Signature stores can be found in eighteen U.S. states with a large number of retail stores in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and California. Alabama, Washington, Arkansas, Virginia, Arizona, Tennessee, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Maryland, Ohio State: Other sites for American Signature stores can be found in the following states New York, Louisiana, Nevada, Nebraska and New Mexico. They employ over 3,000 people across the country. Alfred Angelo also sells patterns of married partners, many businesses in the U.S. and worldwide.
Gorgeous Satin A-Line Sleeveless Halter Neckline Applique Beading Lace chapel train Wedding Dresses WF231
Gorgeous Satin A-Line Sleeveless Halter Neckline Applique Beading Lace chapel train Wedding Dresses WF231

In areas of the individual to the clothes from size 00 to 30 shall be for brides and bridesmaids wedding. Prom dresses at retail in the area of ​​equal size are found. The shops have a variety of styles and lines in the Piccione Bridal, Alfred Angelo collection, collections Niki White, Sapphire and the AA.

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