Celtic Gold Wedding Rings 2011

The next celtic wedding ring is the combination of two metals with different colors, like gold and white gold in order to add charm and modern style for a wedding ring. The combination of two or more colors create the artistic and simple impression for a wedding ring with a motif or without the use of the motif. Wedding rings with a sculpture at the top and the ring body will also become popular because they create the feel of a simple and attractive style. Wedding rings with carved motifs often use a strong metal, like gold, palladium, white gold and platinum winding between a thin but strong strip from the metal with contrastive colors.

Pure gold rings are best not even engraved because the design would soon wear off. This means that you cannot set stones in pure gold, because they would soon fall out. Gold stands for purity in many cultures and that is one of the reasons why it is given to brides and brides to be. However, nowadays it is more usual for the couple to go shopping for the engagement or Wedding Ring together. Such a gold ring would become a family heirloom and could stay in the family for centuries.

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